Some of our clients

Some of our clients


Working well in times of stress and uncertainty

The Resilience Genie system has been working hard for the fantastic people at Ravensdown. The pressure on their customer-facing staff was increasing, largely as a result of the changing world of agriculture and the need to help farmers with the strain of shifting weather patterns, legislation and public perception. 

We co-designed resilience and wellbeing training for their people – the Resilience Genie is a popular part of the training when advice gets real and practical. It has really helped their teams put practices in place for themselves so that they’re in a good space to be effective in their role and effective in their life outside work.

“I only wish I’d had this training years ago.” - Ravensdown team member.

Understanding recovery in Australia

Over the last twelve months, we’ve been working with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (Victoria Government), Country Fire Authority and Parks Victoria. Their teams are all hard at work either helping communities prepare for and/or recover from bushfire or building their knowledge and understanding of recovery so they are best placed to work with communities when disaster strikes. Workshops have included working well with disaster-affected people, recovery leadership and workforce wellbeing and resilience.

Wellbeing Hub

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (Victoria Government) have recognised the importance of supporting the wellbeing of their staff, particularly those facing the challenges of working in disaster recovery. We were able to bring our research and experience in this area to help them create and launch a wellbeing resource hub. that the hub has been well received and we’re excited that the DELWP team were recognised at the Living the Values awards - a fitting tribute to their work and dedication in supporting their people.

Urban Resilience Think Tank

The cathedral of Manila has been rebuilt after earthquakes multiple times through history. Manila is just one city of many in the Asia-Pacific region where Red Cross are working to build urban resilience. 

McNaughton & Wills facilitated an urban resilience think tank in Manila 

for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies with representatives from across the region. Following the Think Tank, the team drafted an Urban Resilience Strategic Roadmap for the Asia-Pacific region.

Cyclone Debbie Evaluation

Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie hit Queensland and New South Wales of Australia hard in 2017. Australian Red Cross ran two-year recovery programmes in both states following the cyclone. We were commissioned to conduct an independent evaluation of the Australian Red Cross Cyclone Debbie recovery program, visiting cyclone-impacted communities across both states.

Climate Framework for the Pacific

“Youth leaders from Fiji, Samoa and Tonga attended a workshop to guide the development of a strategy for the Anglican Church in Polynesia to better prepare for and respond to the impact of climate change. The workshop produced a mountain of information. At very short notice, McNaughton Wills stepped in, synthesised the information and came out with a short and sharp Strategy which has been one of the pivotal documents leading to the recent decision by the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia to create a new Climate Commissioner role. This is an exciting, far-reaching and innovative decision. McNaughton & Wills brought significant expertise and flair to this project. I highly recommend”.

- Michael Hartfield – Operations and Projects Manager, Anglican Missions.