How we can help

Our workforce resilience systems and approaches have been tested under the ultimate post-disaster conditions of prolonged stress and uncertainty.  All products, concepts and workshops have been created on the back of 15 years of experience working in disaster recovery, in New Zealand and around the world.


Resilience & Wellbeing

  • We have the tools and strategies to help your organisation and your people adapt and grow from the challenges of our changing world.

Disaster recovery & urban resilience

  • We help organisations and communities navigate the challenges and opportunities that recovery brings. With disasters on the rise, we also advise on urban resilience to minimise the impacts of these events.

Support to leaders and teams post-disaster

  • We can help you understand recovery, plan for it, and support you through it. We’ve researched the challenges and the strategies needed for leaders and teams post-disaster. And we’ve been there ourselves. We bring the guidance and support that many leaders wish they’d had.


 Wellbeing & Resilience in the Workplace

  • We bring the science and the practical tools to help support your people to grow from times of stress and challenge.

Working Well with Disaster-Affected People

  • The first step in working well with disaster-affected people is understanding the challenges they are facing. Learn from previous disasters and research and leave with practical strategies and tools.

Recovery Leadership Workshops

  • Benefit from the wisdom of 100+ recovery leaders from around the world and leave feeling confident to take on the stressors, strains and opportunities that recovery leadership brings.

Ready to build wellbeing and resilience?

We are here to support you. Contact us to start the conversation.