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Supporting people and organisations to grow from times of challenge.

Wellbeing, disaster recovery training and advice

What We do

We share knowledge based on learning from disasters and cognitive psychology, to empower individuals and organisations to seize the opportunities that come with change.

Wellbeing and disaster recovery training and advice

You'll find us in a training room supporting organisations to strengthen wellbeing. Or you'll find us in a disaster zone.

Wellbeing and disaster recovery products

You’ll find us in a design lab creating products that support wellbeing and resilience.

Why you should choose us

Find out more about how we have helped organisations in times of change, stress and challenge.


years of work in complex and uncertain post-disaster environments

Do Great Work with Great People

All our products, concepts and workshops have been created on the back of 15 years of experience working in disaster recovery, in New Zealand and around the world.

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